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Dec 13, 2016


We are fucking thrilled to have Michael Kindness and Ann Kingman on Episode 11. Michael and Ann are the hosts of the late, great Books on the Nightstand podcast and sales reps for Penguin Random House.


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Nov 22, 2016


Oh hai, friends. Remember us? Sorry for the hiatus, but we’re back! For episode 10, we’re thrilled to be chatting with Amy Stewart and Scott Brown of Eureka Books in Eureka, CA. Get psyched.

We apologize for the extended delay in episodes, and promise to post more often now that Emma has completed...

Jul 5, 2016


Episode nine has finally dropped! We speak with the lovely and talented Benjamin Rybeck, Marketing Director and Events Coordinator at Brazos Bookstore and author of The Sadness.


Introduction   [0:30]

In Which Emma and Kim Have a Sponsor and Make Terrible Puns, Plus Ben Invents the Phrase “Page...

Jun 2, 2016

A year ago, we started this podcast with a discussion of our epic trip to 17 Seattle-area bookstores for the first annual Independent Bookstore Day. Naturally, Emma had to make the trip out to Seattle for Year 2!

Apr 26, 2016

It’s episode 8 of Drunk Booksellers, and we’re here with Pete Mulvihill, co-owner of Green Apple Books in San Francisco, CA. Get psyched, y’all.

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