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May 26, 2017


For the third year in a row, the Drunk Booksellers drove all over Seattle (and the surrounding regions) for Indie Bookstore Day. We asked booksellers at each of the 21(!!!) stores we visited to tell us what they're recommending in the current political climate. We also collected recommendations from past...

Jun 2, 2016

A year ago, we started this podcast with a discussion of our epic trip to 17 Seattle-area bookstores for the first annual Independent Bookstore Day. Naturally, Emma had to make the trip out to Seattle for Year 2!

Mar 15, 2016

Yeah, so, if y’all hadn’t noticed, we’ve lagged a bit in getting new episodes posted this year. We blame life. To make up for being assholes, here’s ANOTHER bonus episode to keep you occupied until our next real episode posts. Which will be soon. Like, it’s been recorded, we’re just editing, and it should be...

Dec 17, 2015

Did you leave all of your holiday shopping for the last minute? Fear not! Drunk Booksellers are here for you. We asked our coworkers and other rad bookseller folk to give you a quick holiday rec. Some recommendations are a little more... drunk than others. Enjoy!

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