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Oct 30, 2018


Welcome to Episode 18, our first ever LIVE show, recorded on September 28th at King's Books in Tacoma, WA. We rapid-fire interviewed three booksellers and two authors. Surprisingly, the audio is better than episodes recorded in the comfort of our homes.

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This episode is sponsored by Soft Skull, Counterpoint, and Catapult. Special thanks to Joe and Stephanie Douglas, Big Hair Studios, Allen Watke, Phil Heaven and the Midnight Mystery Players, and George Kaas for the equipment loan that made this recording possible. And of course thanks to Sam Kaas (who longtime listeners may recognize from Episode 7) our production manager without whom this whole episode would not have been amplified, recorded, nor kept on track.

Chapter I: [2:51]

In Which We Order a Mistress, Discuss Female Rage, and Are Def Profesh at This Whole Live Show Thing


Kim's Drinking: Hop Valley Citrus Mistress

Emma's Drinking: Elysian Men's Room

Kim's Reading:

Emma's Reading & Excited About:

Emma is really into female rage right now, nbd.

Annie Screaming

Kim's Excited About:

Chapter II: [7:25]

In Which We Talk About Big Books and Definitely Lie, Kim Gushes Over Leah Dieterich, and We Suggest People Stop Listening to Us and Buy Books Instead

sweet pea Flaherty, owner of King's Books in Tacoma, WA

sweet pea Flaherty

For the record, A Room of One's Own is still a feminist bookstore

Jessica Day feminist rants

King's Books has fourteen book clubs, including one that only reads books about cults and one that only reads books about medical issues. They also have such unconventional events as virtual reality film showings and 80s workout nights (#Cher).

sweet pea's Reading:

sweet pea's Excited About:

sweet pea's Desert Island Pick:

  • a book large enough to act as a sun hat

Peter Pan book hat

sweet pea's Bookseller Confession:

  • "being a bookstore owner and event planner and bookkeeper and etc... that I don't have a lot of time to read"

Uh, can all the booksellers whose "confession" this is raise their hands?

Mean Girls hands raised

sweet pea's Favorite Bookstore:

  • a bookstore in the back of an antique store in Knoxville, TN (if you know what bookstore this is, tweet us!)
  • Dixon Street Bookshop in Fayetteville, AR

Find sweet pea On the Internets:

Facebook doesn't let you have "queer" in your name and challenged sweet pea's legal name twice

Princess Bride Boo

Our first guest author, Leah Dieterich, is the author of Vanishing Twins (Soft Skull)

Leah Dieterich

Leah's Reading:

This is an artistic rendition of Kim's reaction to Leah's "what are you reading" answer:

excited puppy

The back covers of Soft Skull's galleys are on point:



Vanishing Twins galley



Leah's Favorite Bookstore(s):

Find Leah on the Internets:

Vanishing Twins Cover

Chapter III: [22:03]

In Which We Discuss Sex With Frog Men, Realize America Is Doing Bookstores Wrong, and We Make the Audience Curse In Unison

Ariana Paliobagis, owner of Country Bookshelf in Bozeman, MT

Ariana Paliobagis

Ariana's Reading:

  • Mrs. Caliban by Rachel Ingalls
    • "a woman falls in love with a frog man; [he] shows up at her door... and she takes him in, in all the ways"

bow chicka bow wow

Ariana's Excited About:

Ariana's Station Eleven Pick:

We are impressed by Ariana's practicality and thus let her, and the audience, in on our secret post-apocalypse library. 

book fort

Ariana's Impossible Handsell:

Ariana's Favorite Bookstore:

Find Ariana On the Internets:

Our second guest author is Meaghan O'Connell, author of And Now We Have Everything (Little, Brown and Company)

Meaghan O'ConnellPhoto by Kelly Searle

Meaghan's Reading:

Meaghan's Favorite Bookstore:

  • WORD (a bookstore that brings true love [Meaghan and Dustin, Emma and Kim] together)

I Love Books

Find Meaghan On the Internets

And Now We Have Everything

Chapter IV: [38:38]

In Which We Save Quarters to Buy Bookstores, Discuss Tricky Toddlers Who Sit On Toilets for Books, and Wrap This Shit Up 

Jenny Cohen, co-owner of Waucoma Bookstore in Hood River, OR 

Jenny's Reading:

Reading On the Toilet

Jenny's Excited About:

Jenny's Wild Pick:

  • Juliet by Anne Fortier
  • Fun fact, Waucoma Bookstore is only about 20 miles away from the Pacific Crest Trail where Cheryl Strayed ended her Wild trip.

Quick plug for Books & Whatnot, a newsletter by the wonderful Beth Golay

Books and Whatnot

Jenny's Book for Booksellers:

Jenny's Favorite Bookstore:

side eye

Find Jenny on the Internets:


In which You See Us Shop for Booze and We Tell You Where to Find Us on the Internets

Drunk Booksellers Shop for Booze

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